Play with Your Food

More than just keeping you healthy, eggs hatch fun dozens of different ways. There are dozens of egg-citing things one can do with an egg; however, one thing you will never want to do with an S&R Egg Farm egg is waste it on your neighbor’s house.

Kid having fun with easter Egg ColoringAn Egg of a Different Color. Eggs are most commonly enjoyed during the Easter holiday as colored hard boiled eggs. A variety of food coloring is available at your local grocery store to achieve an array of different egg colors.

You will need to get a bowl of water for each color you wish to create. Add a few drops of desired food coloring into each bowl of water. Gently drop the freshly hard boiled eggs into the preferred colored bowl (or use a metal spoon) and wait a few minutes for the color to take. For a rich, vivid color keep the egg in longer!

There are many different colors and patterns you can achieve, so be creative. Create a two-toned look by holding only half the egg in one color and flipping it and dyeing the other half in a different color. Before dropping your egg into the dye, use a white crayon to create patterns, images, and words. Combine and slightly overlap colors for unique looks.