S&R Egg Farm didn’t always rule the roost. S&R Egg Farm was first hatched in 1958 by Nick Russ and Nick Schimpf, father and son-in-law, with 12,000 chickens and has grown to an estimated 4 million birds today. S&R Egg Farm now totals over 1,000 acres of farmland stretching across the vast countryside of Southeastern Wisconsin.

Hatching An Egg Farm

In 1958, the S&R Egg Farm started out in Hartford, Wisconsin and operations included an estimated 12,000 egg laying hens. In 1960, an additional barn was added, increasing capacity to 16,000 hens. In 1964 operations were again expanded to include 33,000 hens and 20,000-21,000 pullets.


A Growing Egg Farm

In 1976, a short time after the retirement of his father-in-law, Nick bought the Tamarack Road facility in Whitewater, WI and an egg laying operation in Waukesha, WI. These acquisitions expanded capacity to 72,000 birds. In 1980, remodeling began to modernize the Whitewater facility and was completed in 1983. In 1985, three additional buildings were added, increasing total capacity of all farms to an estimated 582,000 laying hens. In 1990, the Hartford, WI farm was sold. Shortly thereafter egg laying operations were ceased at the Waukesha facility, but it has been retained and serves as a base for agricultural operations.

The Cold Spring operation in Palmyra, WI was purchased from Michael’s Foods in 1993. This egg laying facility added space for an additional 370,000 hens. Over the next decade, extensive remodeling and the addition of six barns to the Cold Spring operation increased capacity to 1.6 million birds in 2002.

Modern Egg Farming in Wisconsin

In 2009, extensive renovations and remodeling to the Whitewater, WI facility were completed adding three new barns bringing capacity to 800,000 hens at this location alone.

Calamity Strikes

A 4-Alarm fire brings a challenge to our operation.  On the evening of January 31, 2014 fire fighters arrived to encounter a recently constructed barn engulfed in flames.  Watching, hoping and praying we stood in shock as the teams of firemen battled the elements of a Wisconsin winter along with the challenging structure.  Our disaster planning and the efforts given that night allowed us to continue delivering Wisconsin’s finest fresh eggs without missing a single dozen.

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The post fire construction at our S&R Egg Farm location along with a significant building project to serve the demand for cage free eggs based at our Palmyra location bring us to the approximately 4 million hens we care for today.

Growth has not caused us to lose our family focus. Members of the Schimpf family are involved in all aspects of the operation from farm to mill, fertilizer processing, production, and distribution. We work closely with our approximate 150 egg farm employees to provide our customers with the highest quality and lowest cost whole shell, farm fresh eggs available! Experience the difference of doing business with the Schimpf family.



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