Cold Spring Mill | 262-465-6203 . • Office | 262-495-6620 • Chris Keil 262-495-6200 ext 7232

HOURS | 6:30am-3pm Monday-Friday with extended hours during harvest

DELIVERY INFORMATION | ***Your driver will be expected to know the name(s) and mailing address(es) of the producer and to inform us of the first and the last load***

All corn delivered will be sold to Cold Spring Egg Farms, Inc.

Corn purchased as #2 yellow – 54.0 test weight, 5.0% damage, 3.0% foreign material and 15.0% moisture

Discounts are subject to revision without notification.

MOISTURE:Discount:2¢ each 1/2%15.1%-35.0%
Shrink:.7% each 1/2%15.1%-35.0%
TEST WEIGHT:Discount:5.1%-7.0%1¢ per lb
51.9-40.0 lb2¢ per lb
DAMAGE:Discount:5.1%-7.0%1¢ per lb
7.1%-10.0%3¢ per lb
Above 10.0%5¢ per lb
FOREIGN MATERIAL:Discount:3.1%-5.0%1¢ each %
51.%-7.0%2¢ each %
Above 7.0%3¢ each %

Buyer reserves the right to reject any corn shipment at its discretion that does not meet contract specifications or with rocks, stones and/or containing Vomitoxin over 5 ppm.

Harvest Terms:

Please indicate STORAGE, SPOT or CONTRACT. Unsold corn is automatically handled as open storage. If corn is not priced within 7 days of arrival minimum, storage fees will be applied. Temporary stored corn (the first 7 days) will be priced on the day we are notified. No pricing back to the date of delivery will be allowed.

***It is the responsibility of each customer to notify the office of their decision on how they want their corn marked.***

Storage: Minimum charge is 15¢ per bushel until December 31, 2018 and 3.5¢ per bushel per month or any part thereof starting January 2019. All corn must be priced by August 31, 2019.

Corn delivered January 1 – September 15 will ONLY be applied to contract or spot sale.


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